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After my post of last week about the issues as plugin author and how to see the light in translation, the saga continued. On different channels on both global and local slacks, PTE and author requests seem to be the topic of the day. Below is my interpretation of how the translation handbook could be improved for the sake of clarity.

As example I go for the great bbPress plugin and translation into Dutch and French for Belgium.

Proposed improvements

For the translations meta handbook

  • The below Q&A is what a plugin author/contributor wants to know (based on the questions I see), so this might be brought more into focus.
  • In the ‘Can I bring them over‘ part, add the link to polyglots where the words ‘make/polyglots’ are.
  • In the ‘Can I bring them over‘ part, the ‘List of requests‘ link is looking for the ‘editor request‘ tags, but your tag policy says that it should be ‘request‘.

The first link that is found on the translation page of the plugin (e.g. is to the Translator Handbook. It is valuable information, but not what a plugin author is looking for as a start. The more interesting links are (in order of how to read):

Q & A

Global notes:

  • A GTE is a human that acts on translations in his/her spare time. Everybody is a volunteer here!
  • Every locale has it own rules for validating and granting the PTE roles.

Q1. I am a plugin author and have my own translators that could validate for certain locale

  • Add a request on (for an example, refer to the Rosetta handbook )
  • Make sure you tag it with ‘request’ and with the locale involved, e.g. ‘request, fr_BE, nl_BE’
  • Follow up the request as GTE will add replies here.

Q2. I am a plugin author and look for somebody to translate my plugin in locale nl_BE and fr_BE

  • With the number of plugins constantly increasing, a GTE will only be validating your translation if no PTE can be found when time permits, not performing the translation itself.
  • Head over to the team of your locale ( and try to ping contributors or PTE of other plugins to see if they are willing to help on slack.
  • Personal note: Most plugin authors are adding a link to the translation page of their plugin (e.g. as a sticky post on their support forum and/or on the settings page of the plugin. Anybody can contribute to a translation if interested. The main task of the plugin author should to be to code correctly and get the plugin ready for translation, not doing the translation itself.

Q3. I am a plugin author and my plugin is at 100% for locale nl_BE

  • If you translated it yourself, request to become a PTE following the answer in Q1.
  • If somebody else translated it, ask that person if he wants to become PTE and follow the answer in Q1.

Q4. I am a plugin author and have .mo / .po files, how can I have them uploaded

  • Follow the answers in Q3. A PTE in a certain locale can perform the upload if it was not done automatically after the last commit of your plugin

Q5. I am a contributor and have translated all the strings for plugin bbPress in fr_BE

  • Great job. Now ping the author of the plugin to inform him/her of your job. Best way is that the plugin author follows the answer in Q1, indicating your name.
  • If you don’t get an answer from the plugin author, you can try to ping one of the GTE of the locale (on slack) and see if they are willing to help you.

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